3 Best Reggae Bands of All Time

Reggae music is loved and adored by many people all over the world. Reggae artist is loved by people, think of mentioning the name “Bob Marley’ anywhere, people will definitely raise their eyes with amusement. Reggae music has been able to transfer far and wide. There are reggae bands that have produced music at is so liked by reggae music fans. Here are the top three reggae bands of all time;

Wailing souls.

Wailing souls is another reggae music band that is so famous for the many tracks they have been able to produce over time. They have been able to be at the heart of reggae music in Jamaica for more than four decades. They have been nominated for Grammy awards on three occasions. This is what puts them at the top list as one of the greatest reggae bands of all time.

Black Uhuru.

This was the first band to win an Oscar with reggae music. This band was a powerhouse of reggae music. It was very significant for the way it was able to convey its political views through music. It did this while strictly following the Rastafarian traditions and their harmonic vocals. The name Black Uhuru meant freedom. The word black was added to signify that the name meant black freedom. This reggae music band has produced music that has been dominant since the late 80s.


This is another reggae band that was established in 1978. They have been able to produce sweet reggae music and some of the most famous tracks include ‘red red wine’ this group was from the United Kingdom. Over the band’s long career they have been able to achieve four Grammy award nominations in the category of reggae albums. This group is so famous and their songs are still favorites for many people. That is why they fall into the category of top 3 reggae band groups of all time.